Artist Statement


The unconscious mind can be thought of as the innermost self. It's possible that when we dream we're connected most closely to this seemingly-hidden part of ourselves. While dreaming I am released from the constraints of reality. This is a state of mind that seems to place no limits on what I can see, do and feel. This is where the essence of my art lives.

When we’re awake we assemble our reality by means of our senses. The same is true when we’re sleeping. I’m fascinated by the differences and similarities between what we perceive as reality and how we perceive our dreams. Even our perception of ourselves may be very different in a dream.

This fascination with the dream world guides my studio practice. I gather mental snapshots from my colorful lucid dreams and meditate on the imagery. I strive to capture the essence of these multi-sensory glimpses into my unconscious mind on a two-dimensional surface. Ultimately the resulting art means something different to each viewer and hopefully inspires new ideas and inner reflection.

Playing The Game

Playing The Game