Nikki uses a mix of mediums to create abstract landscapes in an ongoing exploration of her dreams with the aim of invoking introspection in the viewer.


As a child Nikki was adopted and traveled from Colombia to the United States. She grew up near Chicago and never went anywhere without her cerulean crayon. Every scrap of newsprint, placemat or book she encountered was covered in blue drawings. As long as she can remember she’s been driven to create art. It has been her greatest source of tranquility and new challenges.

In college Nikki established a strong foundation of fine art knowledge and training. She also gained a background in design after becoming intrigued with the intricacies of contemporary visual communication. After college, she focused strictly on drawing in black, white and gray before adding the complications of color back into her fine art work. 

Today, Nikki works out of her art studio in Bellingham creating colorful abstract landscapes. When she’s not exploring the beautiful state of Washington she’s creating art. Her artwork explores the themes of identity, dreams, introspection and empathy. Nikki uses a mix of mediums to create her dreamscapes. Lately she’s been using natural pigments from the Earth to hand mix her own oil paint. Her technique relies heavily on intuition after initial forethought and planning.

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Cara, the studio cat

Cara, the studio cat