Cheerful Artwork to Fight The Winter Blues - Exhibit at Old World Deli


Woo hoo! One new year's resolution in the bag. Displaying artwork in a local business was the  first goal on my list for 2018. Fortunately, many Bellingham businesses make it a point to support local artists by inviting them to hang up art in their establishments.


One of the first places that came to mind was the Old World Deli on State since I've never had an average meal there. Every one has been delicious. The sandwiches are always packed with the best ingredients and the drink selection includes interesting things like botanically brewed beverages and kombucha.

old world deli meal.jpg

I was given the opportunity to hang my colorful artwork on their walls during the months of January and February. So, if you're near Bellingham, Washington, get out of the gloomy weather for awhile and check out the exhibit. I'm grateful to have been given this chance. What a splendid way to start off the new year.


1228 N State St, Bellingham, WA 98225