Breathing in Paradise

Breathing in Paradise


Original Artwork

‣ Size: 5.5 x 8 inches
‣ Paints: Hot wax
‣ Coating: None. The wax seals great on its own and doesn't need a coating. This encaustic artwork can even be polished with a soft cloth.

You may notice something different each time you look at this original work. The cerulean blue seems to be embedded behind the other colors and provides a nice backdrop to the warmer swirls of wax. The colors bring to mind tropical drinks being sipped on the beach.

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Encaustic Art

This original artwork was created with hot wax through a process called encaustic painting. The artist melted wax and then painted it onto a hard surface. Encaustic paintings dry very quickly but can then be changed with a variety of tools. For instance, the artist can scratch into the surface to reveal the layers of colors beneath it.

The technique used to create this piece allows the medium to flow naturally and create wave-like patterns. Nikki does plan her hot was pieces in advance but sometimes the molten wax moves in beautifully unexpected ways. This artwork has texture and a lot of personality.


The artwork is signed and dated on the back and includes a card with it's specs to keep for your records. The artwork sent to you will not include the watermark in the photograph. Four circular felt pads are provided on the back of the piece in case you'd like to prepare it for hanging.